Muslim Student Expelled for Confronting Bully Who Tormented Her When Her Father Was Dying of Cancer

Hewitt School, an all-girls school in the Upper East Side of New York city, expelled a Muslim student after she confronted a bully who had tormented her when her father was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

The New York Post reported that the girl’s mother filed a suit accusing the school of a ‘shockingly callous attitude’ toward the girl who was dealing with the painful and ‘imminent death of her father caused by a devastating illness,’.

The mother also says the school’s alleged mistreatment of the student was in part because she is a Palestinian-American Muslim girl, and was targeted by school officials because of her race and religion.

The suit claims the girl was a victim of repeated bullying by one classmate in particular and that she had stood up for herself in the situation.

According to the suit, the girl told the bully she was ‘not afraid of her’ and asked if she wanted to fight. Despite that no physical altercation transpired, the girl was expelled just one day after the incident.

A spokeswoman for Hewitt said that due to the nature of the suit, they are limited in what they can say in regards to it.

However, the spokeswoman said the school ‘stands behind the decisions we make and the actions we take to protect and preserve the teaching and learning environment for our girls and young women.’