Muslim Nurse Encounter With a Patient Not Thrilled She Was Assigned to Him

I am a Muslim. I am a pediatrics nurse. I am a Muslim pediatrics nurse. After graduating nursing school so many things came to mind like “I need to start applying for jobs.” I remember getting very nervous due to some hatred that I had received for being a Muslim and wearing a hijab.

In nursing school we had a clinical at the VA. I was assigned to a patient and was taking care of him. He made a few remarks about my religion and it was obvious he wasn’t thrilled I was assigned to him. I remember him asking me what I was going to do after I graduate. I simply replied I want to be an OB nurse or Pediatrics nurse to which he responded “as long as you don’t strap any bombs on them then maybe we can get along.” I remember how sad I felt after he said that.

I continued to take care of him and showed him how passionate I was about nursing. My last day assigned to him I went into his room to say goodbye and thanked him for allowing me to care for him and he said “you know, you’re not bad after all. I wish you luck with your future endeavors.” I thanked him again and went on to graduate.

I now work at a pediatrics office and have the opportunity to see and help treat the best patients ever. I love how innocent kids are and how they accept anyone regardless of race/religion. I wear patterned hijabs and they absolutely love it! I am helping make a difference in this world just like any other nurse! Children are not born racist and I hope and pray that the children I see at our office remember me when they are older and someone is bad mouthing Muslims. I hope and pray that they stand up and say not all Muslims are bad…my nurse is a Muslim and she helps me when I’m sick.

They may never remember my name but I pray they remember the amount of time I spent with them at the office more than I can even spend time with my own child. I am a Muslim pediatrics nurse and I am very proud of it. I couldn’t see myself doing anything else other than putting a smile on the kids faces and giving the parents a peaceful mind!

Thank you to all my nurses that I’ve encountered in my lifetime thus far. Every nurse makes a difference regardless of race/religion.