This Story Will Restore Your Trust in Humanity

The sheer amount of negative stuff we see and hear in the news can make us give up into despair then something unexpected occurs and reminds us not to lose hope in our fellow humans and to keep striving for a life full of respect and mutual understanding. This is what happened last Wednesday to Leena Al-Rian, a young Muslim mom from Boston, who was at a downtown Barnes & Noble boobkstore with her two adorable little girls, ages 4 and 1, when a 90 years old man, Lenny, approached her and apologized for the rise of anti-Muslim sentiment in the country.

Leena was deeply touched by the man's words as he expressed his dismay at the spread of hatred and xenophobia in America and as he told the story of his Jewish immigrant parents who came to this country and did not speak a word of English. She felt sincerity in his words and saw that he was struggling to hold his tears. He even offered to buy gifts for her little daughters.

Leena took a picture with Lenny and posted it on facebook along with a very touching account of their encounter:

Source: Facebook