French Muslim Girl Banned from School for Wearing Long Skirt

Here is the latest craziness from France: A long skirt (when worn by a muslim girl) is an “ostentatious religious symbol” that cannot be tolerated in French schools. Sounds too good to be true? Well it is. Indeed 16 year old muslim girl K De Sousa has been kicked out of her school in a suburb of Paris because her skirt was judged too long by her teacher.

Yes the reason was her long skirt, she wasn’t even wearing a headscarf at school. She does wear a headscarf outside but she takes it off everytime she enters school because it is ILLEGAL in France. Apparently the French government’s mission has moved from banning the headscarf in Government institutions to stripping muslim women from their clothes.

You would think this is an isolated incident but in fact the year 2015 saw a lot more incidents of the same kind all over France. What does French law say about this? We can summarize it as follows: You can wear long skirts at school as long as you are not doing it for religious purposes. As you can guess this is open to interpretation of the intention behind wearing what you are wearing.