Watch this Muslim Brother in Debate About God on BBC TV


Brother Abdullah al Andalusi from the 'Muslim Debate Initiative' appeared on the BBC 1 ‘The Big Question’ program on Sunday 29th May 2016, to debate the selected question ‘Did Man Create God?’ along with other participants including:

Bruce Hood: Professor of experimental psychology at Bristol University

Charley Baginsky: Rabbi from South Bucks Jewish Community

Cole Morton: Author of the book "Is God Still an Englishman?"

Francesca Stavrakopoulou: Professor of ancient religion at Exeter

Elaine Storkey: Theologian

Teresa Morgan: Reverend and professor of Graeco-Roman history at Oxford University

Arif Ahmed: Philosophy lecturer at Cambridge University

Rupert Shortt: Author of the book "God is No Thing"

Satish K Sharma: Member of the National Council of Hindu Temples

Selina O'Grady: Author of "And Man Created God"

Tim Whitmarsh: Professor of Greek culture at Cambridge University