Moving Video of Yemeni Father Carrying his Disabled Son During Graduation Ceremony

In a moving video footage, a proud father can be seen carrying his disabled son during his graduation ceremony in Yemen.

The inspiring moment of the elderly man and his son was captured by Yemeni photojournalist Farouk Muqbel, who was filming the graduation ceremony of the Al-Noor Center for the Care and Rehabilitation of the Blind in Sanaa on Wednesday.

The father’s pride can be clearly seen as he carried his son who was graduating from secondary school.

The vicissitudes of life and the torments of the cruel war raging in Yemen did not stop this father from celebrating his son’s graduation.

The Al-Noor center was founded in 1967 and serves over 200 students, mostly children, who have visual disabilities.

The center’s manager told Human Rights Watch in 2016 that when the conflict started on March 26, 2015, the Houthis militia set up an office on the ground floor of the kindergarten building and placed guards at the compound’s entrance.