I Tried to Prove Islam Evil, I Ended up Becoming Muslim

As-salamu Alaykum! My name is Miranda. I am a muslim revert who found Islam in 2001. I am from Texas, USA. I was a christian my whole life, well today I am going to post my story here on how I found Islam, mainly because I want to hopefully inspire others so here it is….

So I grew up in a very devout Catholic/Christian home. The only times Islam was discussed was when it was on the news and it was never good. When I was 14 almost 15 it was 9-11 (September 11) and there was a 9-11 TRIBUTE on the news about the towers and all of that. Well there was a Muslimah that was crying and was explaining to a news reporter that her husband got killed in the 9-11 event as well and that Islam was a peaceful Religion.. Well part of me wanted to believe her but when I asked questions about her to my family they told me that “She’s just deceiving, that’s what Muslims do, they’re evil and they lie”

Well I felt extremely bad for the Muslim lady. Anyways so that got me a little curious but I still hated Islam cause that’s how I grew up, so anyways a few months later I turned 15 and I was a freshman in high school and we had to write an essay about our religion of choice. I chose Islam to write about thinking I was gonna prove how evil Islam was. We couldn’t get verses of the Quran off some random website, no we had to go to the Quran or Hadith to get verses and stuff because we had to have an exact source because in our essay we also had to write down what our source was.

Anyways so I finished my essay and I couldn’t find anything evil in the Quran. There were a few verses that do indeed promote fighting, however they link to the days where disbelievers attacked first and we as Muslims had to protect ourself. Anyways so that kind of opened my mind up to Islam however I still told myself that it was evil because that’s how I grew up and I wasn’t gonna like Islam (I told myself that). Anyways so a few months pass and it’s around December and I have a very vivid dream. I saw a white horse with what looked like an Arab on the horse. He had a long beard and he was staring straight at me and all I heard very loudly was a long sentence with Allah’s name. I could only understand Allah and remember the word Allah in what I was hearing.

So the next morning I woke up remembered my dream and I went on YouTube and I was trying to find videos of what I may have heard. I put in key words like Allah and I found a YouTube video. I clicked on it after a lot of searching, I listened to it and finally I found what I heard in my dream and once I heard it I was POSITIVE that’s what I heard, and that was the Shahada. Never in my life have I heard the Shahada before my dream. I was in shock and from that day on my heart and mind has forever been changed. Alhamdulilah 😊 I didn’t officially take shahada until June 16 2014 but I can say I’ve become a better person and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I’m now 20 years old and I am BLESSED.