Here is What I Learned From a Brief Encounter with a Muslim Woman in Sam's Club

By Kanya Lang

Hello! My name is Kanya Lang. I am a twenty-two year old single mother of a wonderful son whose name means “Healer of God” because I hope one day my son can grow up and heal the hate from this world. I am of Native American, Lebanese, and English descent, though in my looks my English descent is more prominent. When I was young, I remember my grandmother told me to always love my neighbors and to never judge someone unless I could walk in their worn down shoes. I always awoke everyday with that lesson in my heart and tried to bring kindness to those that needed it.

You’re probably wondering why I am leaving this weird message- and well, I will tell you: I wanted to say to all of the Muslims not in my country (America) and even those in my country, how sorry I am for all the hatred and fear you are getting. I simply cannot understand why this is happening when my country America, has always taught me that we are all equal and we tolerate everyone here because America represents this. I thought we would have gotten over this bigotry towards race and color after what happened with the Jews and Hitler- and with the African Americans as well. My heart hurts and aches painfully because this is unfair and because American law tells us we have the right to express ourselves and practice whatever religion we want. None of you will probably ever meet or know me, but I am so angry on your behalf.

I never really understood how serious of a problem this hate for the Muslim faith and people was in my country, until quite a few weeks ago when I was in Sam’s Club. You see, I was in the baby section picking up diapers and I saw this beautiful woman wearing this really pretty Hijab of deep blue color with sparkles, making it as if she wore the night sky upon her head. I called the lady out and I’ll never forget this. This Beautiful woman froze, clutched her baby to her chest and slowly turned to face me with fear in her eyes. My heart broke when I realized this woman was scared of me- a 5.5 ft woman who could not harm even a fly.

My heart broke even more when I told her that her Hijab was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen and that if I could wear it without being disrespectful, I would. This woman broke out in sobs and told me thank you over and over again, before a smile broke out on her face and she walked away with more confidence in her step. A simple compliment should not make a person break out in tears like that. It’s not right and it’s not cool.

So again, I am sorry you are suffering this and I just want you to know that even if I know nothing about your culture or religion, I am with you. I support you. And I will teach my son to love all the people who walk this Earth that God has created. I hope you all have a wonderful day. Wa-Alaikum-Salaam! (I had to google that) :-).