A Heartfelt Tribute from an American Christian to his Muslim Friend

This is a tribute from a Christian American to his Muslim friend:

Salaams people. My name is Matt Rayner and this is my girlfriend KG. I grew up in Fishers, Indiana. When I was born, the doctor that delivered me was named Doctor Muhammad Islam. So the first person I saw when I left the womb was a Muslim.

I then grew up and in 10th grade I met a Muslim in my high school who I became best friends with. We played basketball, hung out with friends, watched movies and did all kinds of things together.

I learned everything you need to know about Islam and all the words. I loved yelling Arabic words. Every now and then when I am happy I just scream out ALLAH HU AKBAR!

I then left Fishers and went to Terre Haute for college and that is when I met another Muslim who I became fraternity brothers with. My girlfriend was friends with both my Muslim friends as well. What we have noticed is that Muslims are extremely generous and are such good friends. The amount of discipline you guys have towards life and prayers amazes me.

My mother loves my Muslim friends and is always fascinated by the religion of Islam. KG and I just want to tell all of you guys thanks for sharing your beautiful religion with us. It is a gift to be shared with the world. Although we are not Muslim, I can see the great value it brings to this world. It is an honor to be able to say that my best friend is Muslim. ALLAH HU AKBAR and Salaams!