French Genealogist Claims Presidential Candidate Marine Le Pen is Descendant of Prophet Muhammad

Four days before the second round of the French presidential election, Agence France Press (AFP) revealed that presidential candidate for the National Front, Marine Le Pen, is a descendent of Prophet Mohammed pbuh.

Several hours after the news spread on social media, the French news Agency withdrew it from circulation and deleted it from its official website.

French candidate Marine Le Pen and her representative did not comment on the news. AFP cited Jean-Louis Beaucarnot, a French genealogist, who claimed that the French right-wing candidate and leader of the National Front Party, Marine Le Pen, was descended from the Prophet Muhammad.

According to a report by French magazine “Marianne”, Beaucarnot, claimed that the ancestors of Le Pen from her mother’s side were descendants of the Prophet Mohammed pbuh. He added that they were merchants who lived in the seventeenth century in the province of Aveyron, and also descended from the family of the King Louis VI.

Many on social media have commented on the news that swept through Twitter and has become one of the most discussed topics.

Source: News Agencies