Muslim Girl Has Perfect Response to White Man's Racist Attack at Mall

While shopping at the mall, I overhead a white man verbally attacking a young black Muslim woman. Here is the exchange that happened between them:

White man: Do you have bombs under your hijab to bomb us with?
Muslimah: do you have any guns to shoot us up with?
Him: Are your parents terrorists?
Her: How many slaves did your parents own?
Him: Excuse me miss, I’ll have you know our family never owned slaves!!!
Her: Alright so how many countries did they colonize then?

Him: becoming redder and redder while she remains unbothered You are seriously so rude.
Her: I’m sorry. Should I have stood here and let you attack me?
Him: Did I lie? Muslims are all terrorists!!!

Her: Considering Islam is rapidly becoming the biggest religion in the world, if we wanted you all gone, you wouldn’t be here but statistically, the biggest terrorists are actually white men. You’re a white man. You are the terrorist between the two of us.

Him: just stares in angry silence before erupting in more disgusting profanity

Her: You know what?! I already offered you free lessons. If you want to be educated in manners, go talk to your parents who failed and ask why they didn’t teach you any. I don’t have time for grown men throwing temper tantrums. Salaams! she sashayed away in skipping glides and sipping on her ice cap

I wish I had stopped her to celebrate the excellence she is/was but she crossed the street to meet her friends who were waiting.

By Riya Jama