Keep It Halal: I Learned My Lesson The Hard Way

Nine years ago, I was working as a lawyer at one of the top law firms on Wall Street. I was making a ton of money and had no cares in the world. I then had a client come to me who happened to be a very successful investment banker. He was in a tough situation and needed to get out. I specialized in tax evasion cases and when big companies would get in trouble, I would get them out of trouble for the right price.

The client that came to me this time however, was in a situation in which he stole the money of several investors and lost it all. He was being sued. I knew that he was at fault but I decided to defend him anyways. I won the case for him and I was awarded 1.25 million dollars in lawyer fees.

That by far was the biggest deal that I have ever closed in my entire life. However, strange things started to happen after the case. I got into a car accident, I had to pay for my car and the other car. My father got cancer, I had to pay for his medical expenses. I tried investing the rest of my money into a company that I thought was going to take off, it failed big time.

I looked at the 1.25 million that I was awarded and realized that all of it was gone. Brothers and sister, make your money the halal way. Allah will put baraka in it and it will last longer. I now choose cases a lot more wisely and I do not defend people that I know are at fault.