First Muslim Actor To Win An Oscar

Mahershala Ali is the first Muslim actor to ever win an Oscar. He made history yesterday by winning “Best Actor in a Supporting Role” for his performance in the movie “Moonlight”.

Ali has previously starred in the TV series “House of Cards” as the character Remy Danton. His Oscar win comes at a time when American Muslims are facing a lot of hatred and discrimination following Donald Trump’s entry into US politics and his unexpected win of the presidency.

Ali tried to describe what American Muslims are facing nowadays by saying “If you convert to Islam after a couple of decades of being a black man in the U.S., the discrimination you receive as a Muslim doesn’t feel like a shock… I’ve been pulled over, asked where my gun is, asked if I’m a pimp, had my car pulled apart. Muslims will feel like there’s this new discrimination that they hadn’t received before; but it’s not new for us.”

Ali’s Oscar win is very important to the Muslim community in America as it helps show that they are part of the fabric of this country and not this different other that the extreme right is trying so hard to paint them as being. From the travel ban to the rumors about a Muslim registry to the hate crimes targetting the Muslim community, this win comes a much needed breeze of fresh air.