Muslim Clothing Line Launching at Macy’s

A Muslim clothing brand is launching at Macy’s. The Verona Collection was founded by Muslim convert Lisa Vogl in 2011. It specializes in modest clothing including hijabs, and will be available at Macy’s in mid February.

When you think of the word “department store” there’s a good chance that inclusivity doesn’t come straight to mind – but it will soon. Macy’s has teamed up with The Verona Collection to bring modest dress into its stores. According to the Business Wire, the collection will include dresses, cardigans, tops, and hijabs.

The Verona Collection will be available at Macy’s in stores and online on Feb. 15, according to Market Watch. The publication also states that the price will range from $12.95 to $84.95, which is slightly more affordable than other brands at the department store.

“Verona Collection is more than a clothing brand. It’s a platform for a community of women to express their personal identity and embrace fashion that makes them feel confident on the inside and outside,” said Lisa Vogl, founder of Verona Collection, in an interview with Business Wire. “Macy’s has been an amazing partner, helping us strengthen the foundation of our business through The Workshop at Macy’s and now introducing our brand to their consumers through this collaboration.”

The new line was designed by Lisa Vogl, who is a 2017 graduate of The Workshop at Macy’s. The program was put in place to focus on incorporating minority and women-owned businesses into the department store. Both are being represented through Verona Collection, but the message is so much bigger than just great fashion.

Hijabs are nothing new to Muslim women, but it’s not every day that you see them incorporated so effortlessly into a fashion line. The brand creates gorgeous, hand-dyed hijabs in versatile fabrics. In fact, the entire line is about layering. The collection manages to appeal to just about everyone, while having a modest appeal for those in need.

“Through The Workshop at Macy’s, Lisa shared her vision to create a collection that speaks to a community of women looking for a solution to their fashion needs,” said Cassandra Jones, senior vice president of Macy’s Fashion. “Verona Collection offers a unique and understated elegance through everyday essentials designed for versatility and comfort, and through our partnership, we can better serve our customer looking for modest fashion.”