Muslim About To Win London’s Mayor Election

British elections for regional and local assemblies started today May 5th 2016. Sadiq Khan, a 45 years old son of a an immigrant muslim bus driver, is running against Zac Goldsmith, the son of Jewish billionaire James Goldsmith. Sadiq has been leading in the polls and is highly expected to become London’s first Muslim mayor. He is the candidate of the main opposition party (The labour party).

Sadiq’s political opponents have been using his Muslim background to attack and undermine him: British Prime Minister David Cameron accused Sadiq Khan of having links to extremists. Others accused him and members of his party of anti-Semitism.

The post of mayor of London is a very important political post and Zac Goldsmith’s party (The conservative party) has been trying very hard to win it using some dirty tactics to undermine Sadiq.