Glamour Magazine Names American Muslim As Woman of the Year

American Muslim Activist Linda Sarsour is being honored by Glamour magazine as “woman of the year”.

This well-known Muslim activist from Brooklyn became the face of the resistence against Trump’s rise to power, especially at the Women’s March in Washington, DC, on January 21 2017. She is today the incarnation of exceptional women in the eyes of the famous American magazine that sells more than 2 million copies per month.

The prestigious award does not recognize Linda for her “glamour” but for the activist fiber, the soul of a pioneer, the will to change the status quo. Linda Sarsour finds herself propelled to the cover of Glamour, along with three other lucky candidates.

Linda is used to standing on podiums to deliver vibrant speeches advocating for the rights of Muslim women and women of color. She also was part of the human chain that surrounded Trump Tower in New York to protest the president’s sinister agenda.

The woman who was the revelation of the impressive Women’s March in Washington DC, proved herself as an outstanding leader in front of nearly half a million people galvanized by her speech calling on Americans to live together in peace. She managed to join the very few hijabi women who made it on the cover of prestigious American Magazines.

Glamour Magazine cover

After her powerful speech at the Women’s March, Linda became a target for right wing conservatives and the “Islamophobia industry”. She says she started receiving messages like:

“A good Arab is a dead Arab.”

“Your time is coming.”

“You’re getting two bullets in your head.”

A conservative media personality said “Linda Sarsour is a Sharia-loving, terrorist-embracing, Jew-hating, ticking time bomb of progressive horror”

But Linda Sarsour says she will not be silenced: “I’m Muslim, I’m Palestinian, I’m a woman in a hijab. I’m everything they stand against. I have a bigger mission here.”