Lebanese Professor Holds Student's Baby While Giving Lecture And People Are Loving It

Lebanese people on social media have been praising a university professor for his act of kindness towards one of his students.

Dr Hassan Chamas teaches business at the Lebanese International University (LIU). He has been praised online for holding his student’s baby throughout an entire lecture.

Speaking to Lebanese media Chamas explained he was simply supporting the mother who was pursuing a masters degree while taking care of her son.

“All the credit goes to her,” he said.

In a post shared on Facebook, Chamas said that one of his MBA students had to bring her baby son to class on March 6.

When the baby started crying, he took it upon himself to help the mother, holding her baby son until he fell asleep on his shoulder… all the while carrying on with the lecture.

“This was one of my favorite lectures,” the professor wrote. “I am sure the baby understood everything, he was so close to the lecturer,” he added jokingly.

Chamas’ post, which has been widely shared on social media, features a photo of him holding the baby while lecturing his students.

People on social media loved the professor’s act of kindness: