MTV Presenter Kristiane Backer Journey to Islam

“I was living the high life; I had everything a young person could dream of.” This is how Kristiane Backer, a former presenter on MTV Channel Europe, described her life before becoming Muslim. Her work took her to almost every red carpet event in the entertainement industry. She interviewed rock stars and became famous and wealthy herself.

But despite all the so called high life, she always felt an inner void, deep down something was still missing. She gave an example “It was a dilemma for me at that time; I was on stage with 70 000 person cheering, and it was as if I was on a cloud. But I felt lonely.”

Sports star, Imran Khan, was the first to introduce her to Islam. He played Sufi music for her and explained that the lyrics were addressed to God. On a trip to Pakistan, she learned that ‘Allah’ is the Arabic word for God, the Creator of the universe. She also noticed the importance given by the Pakistanis to God and how “He was everywhere: in the beautiful architecture, in the music, and in the hearts of people.”

Back from her trip to Pakistan, Kristiane attended the MTV music award in Los Angeles “The whole scene was so fake and superficial, I really missed the warmth and authenticity of the people I met in Pakistan.”
Kristiane kept visiting Pakistan frequently and reading books about Islam. She found Islam more logical: People worship one God, they are held responsible for their own actions, babies are born pure rather than sinners, and this life is only a bridge to the hereafter.

“I missed all this intellectual stimulation, there was so much to discover. Having worked at MTV, where it was a matter of leaving your brain at home and have fun at work.” To her surprise, The books she read about Islam mentioned Prophets who were familiar to her. She found so many commonalities between Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. After all, they all came from the same Source.

Kristiane took some time to be sure Islam is the right choice. She once said in public that even though she was not yet a convert, she was a Muslim at heart. But she wanted to “smell the perfume of Islam, and taste its savory fruits.” She started praying and a few months later she offically took the shahada (Muslim declaration of faith).

Becoming a Muslim immediately ended her career at MTV but that did not matter to her since she considered it a test from Allah. She started working on her biography book “From MTV to Mecca” and published it in Germany in 2009. The book has been translated to English, Arabic, Dutch and Turkish.