Watch This Korean Pop Star React To Muslim Fan Offering Her A Hijab

Suzy Bae is a South Korean singer and actress. She is one of the most in-demand endorsers in the country, and has been hailed a “CF Queen” due to numerous endorsement deals ranging from cosmetics, apparel, up to basic commodities like sugar. She made more than 10 billion won in 2013 with more than 14 endorsement deals in one year.

Rizki Yuliani is a 28-year-old from Jakarta, Indonesia. She has been a fan of Suzy since she was in the Korean drama “Dream High” seven years ago. She said, “For me, Suzy is a humble and multitalented Korean superstar.”

Rizki Yuliani

Yuliani went to Suzy’s fan signing in Seoul on Sunday and had an amazing interaction with the star: fans captured a video of Yuliani giving the K-pop star a hijab as a present.

When asked about why she gave Suzy a headscarf, she said, “I love to wear it and I wanted to give something I love to her.”

The video has gone viral with people praising Suzie for the humble and loving reaction to Yuliani.