Florida Judge Releases White Supremacist Who Planned Bombings

TV channel Fox 13 reported Friday that Federal Judge Thomas McCoun has ordered the release on bail of 21 years old Brandon Russell, a white supremacist who was arrested last month by police after they found bomb making materials and weapons at his apartment in Tampa, Florida.

The judge stated that there was no clear and convincing evidence “the defendant represents a threat to any person or community.”

The police said they found bomb-making materials and weapons at Russell’s place along with a framed picture of Timothy McVeigh, the white supremacist terrorist who which killed 168 people in the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995. They also found Neo Nazi literature on his computer.

Russell confessed to the police that he is a Neo Nazi sympathizer and that he has experience making explosives.

The police learned about Russel’s plan to bomb buildings and kill people from Devon Arthurs, a white supremacist who was arrested for killing two of his roommates and claiming that he was a Muslim convert and that he killed them because they made fun of Islam. Arthurs told police that Russel posted his bombing plans on neo nazi websites.

Source: Tampa Bay Times