From Jazz and Diamonds to Calling to Islam Full Time: The Amazing Story of John Fontain

He also writes Da’wah literature and have produced four Da’wah booklets: ‘Jesus and the Injeel’ which is a Da’wah booklet outlining the correct understanding of Jesus and his message calling the Christians to Islam. ‘Quick Guide to Islam’ which covers a brief explanation of the basics of Islam, ‘Quick Guide to Salah’ which teaches new Muslims how to perform Salah, and ‘The Ninety Nine Names of Allah’ a translation of a lecture by Sheikh Uthaymeen which aims to teach Muslims the names of Allah.

He is also working on a series of ‘Welcome to… Tour Guides,’ which are a series of Da’wah booklets specific to each of the tourist hot spots throughout the Muslim world. This series will use the historical, cultural aspects of Islam to convey the message to the tourists in the Muslim world. This will also enable the local Muslims who cannot speak European languages to fulfill their obligation of conveying the message of Islam to the tourists by simply giving them a booklet.

Da'wah booklets by John Fontain

Alhamdulillah 50,000 booklets have already been printed and distributed worldwide. All of these booklets are available for FREE and to order for distribution on

He is currently in the process of writing 2 more extensive books ‘The God Solution’ an Islamic answer to Atheism and ‘Jesus and the Injeel the Untold Story’ a more extensive work of my research into Judaism and Christianity, both of which he is hoping to publish very soon insha’Allah.

Alhamdulilah over the past few years He has been given the opportunity to be able travel and teach Muslims how to give Da’wah and share some of my experiences. He has visited over 45 countries inlcuding Malaysia, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Morocco, Egypt, Bosnia, Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi, Gambia, Senegal, Jerusalem, West Bank, China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Brazil, USA and much of Europe helping set up dawah activities and new Muslim support groups with da’wah teams accross the world.He is also working on a series of high quality Islamic history documentaries and educational videos.