From Jazz and Diamonds to Calling to Islam Full Time: The Amazing Story of John Fontain

Here was a verse mentioning the very same practices that he had seen with his own eyes! Finding some reality in the Quran, he started to take Islam more seriously and started to learn about it. Though not yet having converted, he would pray in his own way and he even fasted during Ramadan!

One day in 2008, while in Egypt, he went to a Mosque in Cairo to pray. When he was about to do so, his friend told him he could not pray until he had taken the Shahadah (Muslim declaration of faith). John was stunned at this point because, all this time, even having hung around with Muslim friends in England, no one had ever told him about the Shahadah, the actual entry into Islam, the passage of safety in the Hereafter!

until that time in Cairo, he had not actually wanted to leave his old life, but when he himself took the initiative to whole heartedly accept the Muslim way of life, it was then that Allah introduced the Shahadah to him!

He finally took his Shahadah in a Hardees branch in Cairo!

In 2011 he found out he had a brain tumor (of which he is now recovered). It was a blessing in disguise that gave him the time and opportunity to call people to Islam full time.

In 2012 he went back to Sierra Leone and started to look for opportunities where he could help. Today he is working through an organization called ‘Volunteer Sierra Leone’ with over 65 Muslim schools to provide better education to over 14,000 students throughout Sierra Leone.

John Fontain Sierra Leone
Working with Muslim schools in Sierra Leone