How A Canadian Scholar Embraced Islam & is Sharing it With The World

Dr. John Andrew Morrow, is a Canadian Islamic scholar and author of the new book The Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad with the Christians of the World. In this article he shares his journey from Christianity to Islam:

I am a M├ętis Canadian, which means I am of mixed Amerindian and European ancestry. We are known as the Otipemisiwak, the people who own themselves, les gens libres or the Free People. Although we have European blood, we are indigenous by culture, and famous for being fiercely independent. I was raised a Catholic, and it is a religion that I continue to respect even though I disagree with certain dogmas and doctrines.

Most of my indigenous ancestors were Huron, Algonquin and Nipissing, or belonged to First Nations that formed part of the Wabanaki Confederacy. They were all friends and allies of the French and among the first Native people to embrace the Catholic faith. Most of my European ancestors were Catholic. Some were Protestants who fled persecution in Europe, but were quickly assimilated into the Catholic majorities in Acadia and Quebec.

While I was a Christian, I had never conceived of Jesus as God, and had never prayed to him. I had always believed that Jesus was the “Son of God” in a spiritual sense. To me, Jesus had clearly been created. “Son of God” was simply a title like “Spirit of God.”

As for the “Holy Spirit,” I always envisaged him as the Angel Gabriel and the Messenger of the Creator. When I learned that many Christians literally believed that Jesus was God, and that God was composed of three beings, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, all of whom were God, I was dismayed. This sent me off on a spiritual quest.