Israel about to Demolish Palestinian Village of Susya

There is a story in the news that says that the US is finally drawing a line with the Israeli government about settlements. They wrote that the United States has warned it will respond harshly if Israel demolishes the palestinian village of Susya in the southern Hebron hills. Israeli and US officials who asked not to be named said last week that over the past two weeks US administration officials have informed officials in the Israeli prime minister’s office and in the defense ministry that a severe American reaction would result if Israel destroys the houses in the village. The officials said similar messages were conveyed over the past two weeks by the European union, the British government and several other international bodies.

Do you see a trend here? Over the past few years we’ve seen countless stories like this where the Israeli government goes “Quick! Demolish that village and then let’s take some more land” and in some cases they have the Israeli supreme court approving it. Then you have Palestinian protesters saying “We’ve been living here for a very long time. Our grand grand .. grand fathers have been living here, what are you talking about?”. Israel will be like “Well, the supreme court approved it so now we have the right to do it”. Well, Israel, Nobody gives a shit about your piece of paper that’s coming from the right wing Israeli government. The world cares about the fact that this is obviously against international law as the UN and other organizations have been repeating for so many years.


The Israeli tactic for stealing Palestinian land goes like this: Build a settlement here, build a settlement there. Is nobody watching right now? Let’s demolish some more villages and build settlements in their place. The world bitches about it for a little bit then gets busy on other stuff. Palestinians demonstrate they get a beating from Israeli soldiers. Those who want to resist are called terrorists. Then Israel says we want peace but the Palestinians do not want to negotiate. Well, do you want peace? Here’s a crazy idea: stop bulldozing villages that aren’t yours!