Heartwarming Moment when Iraqi Policeman Meets his Mom in Village Liberated from ISIS

An Iraqi police officer had to leave his mom behind when ISIS captured their village in 2014. They had no news about each other for two years. It was extremely hard for his mom because she she didn’t know what happened to him: was he captured by ISIS? Did he make it out of the village?

Photo: imgur user H3LLR4153R

Now, 2 years later, her son came back as a member of the Iraqi force fighting to liberate the Al-Qayyarh village from ISIS. Their reunion was captured in these 2 pictures:

Photo: imgur user H3LLR4153R

Hugging his mom was not enough he had to go down and kiss her feet.

Most people in the West don’t realise that Muslims in the middle east are the ones suffering the most from the atrocities of ISIS.

Source: IMGUR