Reading Quran in Ramadan Gets you Free Fuel for your Vehicle

Well that’s only true if you live in Indonesia where Pertamina, a company that owns gas stations, and its leadership had the brilliant idea of launching a program that rewards people with 2 liter of free fuel for every one juz’ they read from the Quran. So technically if you do it everyday, you end up reading the Quran in full by the end of Ramdan. That’s because the Quran has 30 juz’.

That’s exactly what Mr Moetawakkir from the city of Jakarta is intending to accomplish during the month of Ramdan: Read the whole Qur’an and get double reward in the form of gas and ajr. He told Reuters:

“We all know that if we do something good we will get a reward. By reading Qur’an here every day, we can read the whole Quran by the end of the month while our tank is full,”

Pertamina has setup rooms at its gas stations dedicated for the people willing to read the Quran. Arif Budiman from Pertamina said:

“We’d like to show appreciation to those who love reading the Quran. We give two liters of free petrol for every one chapter of the Quran that they read,”

Watch the video:

Source: Reuters