Her Immigrant Dad Gets Humiliated By Hiring Manager, She Makes Them Regret It

Minh Huynh is a Vietnamese immigrant who worked as an overnight truck driver for 13 years. He was even recognized as the company’s safest driver. Two years ago he lost his job and has been looking for full time employment since then. He would do part time work from time to time but finding a full time position has been so hard and his English was not helping. When emailing employers he would ask his daughter Emily or her brother for help but when they are not home he uses Google translate to read and respond to emails.

Huynh applied for a job at Dash Delivery LLC, a company in Everette, Washington. But when he received an email from the company’s HR manager, he couldn’t understand why it was so rude and unprofessional.

Minh’s daughter Emily was shocked when her dad showed her the email, so she took to Twitter to share her thoughts: “Non-English speakers really have it hard bc my dad just got rejected from this job offer and the email literally stated “Let me tell you now, if you no speak English I will send you Home-” Wtf.. + all of Bruce’s emails we’re also very unprofessional & passive aggressive”

While it is perfectly fine for employers to require a minimum level of English proficiency from future employees, there was just no need for the type of aggressive response that Mr Huynh received by email.

“My dad told me that he isn’t that hurt by it, but there’s a big stigma around Asian immigrant parents that deal with this all the time. They brush it off because they don’t understand the depth of the situation. People always use micro-aggression with or without knowing they do which is a big concern when it comes to the treatment of future citizens. I’m just disgusted.” Emily said.

This story comes at a time when immigrants are facing a spike in attacks and abuse especially after Trump appeared on the US political scene.

Emily’s post on twitter went viral and someone decided to take action against the abusive HR manager:

Soon after, Dash Delivery LLC sent Emily and her dad an apology and informed them the HR manager was no longer employed by the company.

A lot of people encouraged the Huynh family to take legal action but Mr Huynh prefers to let go and move on. He is also working hard to improve his English.

People responded with sympathy and offers to help Emily’s dad find a job: