Imam and assistant Shot Dead Outside Mosque in Queens New York

Queens, New York - Two Muslim men including an Imam were shot dead after they left the mosque in Ozone Park at the end of prayers around 1:55pm on Saturday. A gunman approached them from behind as they were walking in the street about a block away from the mosque and fatally shot both of them in the head.

According to The New York Daily News, the imam’s name is Alala Uddin Akongi. The other man killed in the attack was identified as the imam’s brother in law Thara Uddin. The shooter was seen on surveillance camera running from the murder scene holding a handgun.

Crowds of angry people gathered at the murder scene and were reportedly blaming Donald Trump for inciting the violence. The presidential elections and political atmosphere in the country are producing some very dangerous rhetoric directed towards Muslims and immigrants in general. The year 2015 have seen the number of attacks against Muslims multiplied by threee compared to the year before.

Source: New York Daily News.