British Man Wanted To Kill Muslims, Ended up Becoming Muslim Himself - Part 3

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First, I went to the mosque, I spent all day there reading. My Mom called me in the evening and asked me where had I been all day. I said I was at the mosque. So she said, “No, you can’t be at a mosque, you are a Christian. Christians don’t go to mosques.”

She was very shocked and was sure that I was going down a bad path. That was my Mom’s original reaction, after a while she started to accept it. She cried a lot. I’m not too sure why she was crying, I think she felt I was rejecting everything she taught me.

A lot of people say that when they found Islam, it is as if they’ve come home. And that’s the feeling I get. Me in the past wasn’t me at all, I was being controlled by something else. Only good things have happened since I’ve become Muslim.

If I was going to give advice to someone else who is thinking about Islam, I’d definitely tell them to come to the mosque and speak to a man of knowledge. Do not search the Internet for the answers. There are some good things on the Internet, but when you don’t know anything about Islam, you can’t judge what is right and what is wrong. So it’s much better to speak to someone.

Spend time with Muslims. I spent many weeks in their company, and you get an understanding of who they are and what kind of quality of people they are. Don’t be afraid of what your family think; I’ve had many people and myself as well I was worried about what my parents would think, but at the end of the day Islam is for you, and you should hope the best for your parents will come afterwards.