British Man Wanted To Kill Muslims, Ended up Becoming Muslim Himself - Part 2

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I started hearing a bit more about Islam, the last time I was applying for the army, I came across this radio station, at that time, I was listening to conspiracy theory radio, and things like this. It was a radio station from the American Government called Terror Talk, and it was talking about the life of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him). It just didn’t sound right to me that people would follow him from all of the evil things that they were saying about him. So, I started to question what Muslims believed.

At that time, I was on a spiritual search anyway. I was looking into Norse Mythology and Paganism, and one of my friends told me before you decide on this paganism thing have a look around a bit more. Therefore, I came across Muslims on the Internet. I think one of the first people I saw on the Internet was Baba Ali. He broke the stereotype of Muslims for me. I was surprised that this guy is funny and he was very laid back. He wasn’t with a big beard shouting “Kill the Kafir,” and this kind of stuff.

I eventually picked up the Quran from college. When I had it, I thought I was actually picking a “Terrorist Handbook,” and I was worried that MI5 would come after me as soon as they saw me taking it out of the library. But as soon as I started reading the book, it hit me immediately. I couldn’t stop reading it; it sank deep into my heart.

As I continued reading through the different surahs (chapters), I remember reading about people in the fire having boiling water to drink that is burning their throats. As I could read this and I was living this awful life, I could feel my throat burning, and I could feel how real this thing was, and how I had to change.

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