Hi I'm Muslim: Fighting Islamophobia with Flowers and Outreach

On Saturday, April 29, 2017, the Turkish community residing in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia, organized an event called “Hello I am Muslim” to combat the phenomenon of Islamophobia in the country and to introduce people to Islam.

3500 flowers and leaflets containing information about Islam were given to pedestrians as part of an event organized by the Islamic Association of the Australia.

In his speech, the association’s liaison officer, Yusuf Ozdan, said they had received positive reactions from people. He pointed to the organization of similar events in thirteen other countries, and stated that the goal is to fight prejudice and Islamophobia by reaching out to ordinary people and explaining what Islam really stands for.

“Our goal is to break the prejudices towards Islam, to give out flowers with a smile, to answer questions about Islam and to provide information directly from Muslims instead of receiving it from the media” Ozdan said.

Gayle Humphreys, an Australian woman who attended the event, said “I think it’s a good idea, because it gives the opportunity to give out flowers, talk to people and explain the religion properly in contrast to what we hear in the news”.

Source: Huffington Post.