I Was Told to Put a Hat On Instead of my Hijab, By an important Woman in my Life

An important woman in my life recently told me to put a hat on instead of my hijab. I didn’t think it would ever get to this point where I’d be asked to hide my identity.

No, I’m not going to wear a hat. No, I’m not going to hide who I am and what religion I practice. I am not scared of anyone but God. I will continue to represent and practice my relgion publicly until the day I die inshallah.

Choosing to put it on, means you chose to go through the struggles it came with too. It’s a bumpy road, but the reward will be grand inshallah. Don’t let a guy like Craig Hicks make you hesitant or stop you from practicing Islam.

These ongoing incidents should only make you stronger and more eager to show the true meaning of Islam and not what the media falsely draws to fulfill its biased, unjust agenda.

Spread the love, respect, and compassion that we are taught by Islam and let’s destroy these false notions. : )

Maya, Syrian Muslimah living in America