A Lesson in Happiness

Back in the old days, there was a merchant who had a son that was complaining about everything all the time. He was never happy about anything. To teach him a lesson in happiness, he sent him to the greatest wise man of the time.

When the son reached the wise man he found him living in a great palace. He asked him: Can you tell me the secret of happiness?

“I do not have time right now” replied the wise man. “Go take a tour of this palace and then come back to me in two hours!”. He then gave him a spoon with some oil in it and told him: “Come back to me with this spoon .. Be careful not to drop any oil from it!”

The young man went out and toured the palace then returned after 2 hours.
The wise man asked him: Did you see the colorful flowers and rare trees in the palace’s garden?
The young man said: No!

The wise man asked him again: Did you see the palace’s library and its valuable books?
The young man said: No!

Wise man: Did you see the wonderful antiques of the palace?
Young man: No!
Wise man: Why?
Young man: I did not lift my eyes from the oil spoon for fear that the oil would fall. I did not see anything around me in this beautiful palace !!

The wise man then told him: Go back, my son, and look for the beauty that I told you about in gardens, trees, flowers and libraries, and then come back.

The young man did what he was asked. He went out and watched and enjoyed the beauty of the palace and its gardens and returned to the wise man.

Wise man: Tell me what you saw
The young man starts telling him about all the beautiful things he saw. The wise man, seeing that he is now very happy and amazed, looks at the spoon of oil in the hand of the young man, and sees that the oil had fallen from it. He tells him: See, my son. This is the secret of happiness. We live in this world .. And around us a lot of blessings .. But we overlook them and we do not see them and we do not appreciate them because we are distracted by small insignificat things. Happiness, my son is to appreciate the blessings around us and forget about our pains and concerns .. Like the spoon of oil that you forgot about when you focused on the great blessings around you !

Honor the blessings and thank God almighty for His many blessings … and start your day with a smile of optimism.

Source: Old folktale.