20 Amazing Photos from Hajj 1953

It’s hard to look at these images from the Hajj pilgrimage of the year 1953 and not wonder “Wow! what a huge difference compared to today”. A lot has changed in just about 60 years: the number of pilgrims has skyrocketed to over 2.35 Million, the haram’s size has increased to 12.5 million square feet.

1- Many pilgrims would travel to Makkah by ship. Commercial air travel was still in its early stages and it was not as widely available as it is today.

Hajj Pilgrims arriving by ship

2- Arriving by plane to hajj for the few who could afford it back then

by plane

3- Buses were used by hajjis for transportation around Mecca


4- Homes and hotels outside of the haram’s perimeter

Buildings outside the haram

5- Streets of Mecca were busy even back then

Mecca street

6- One of the many doors to enter the Haram.

haram entrance

7- Worshippers praying outside the Haram.


8- View of the Kaaba.


9- A close shot of the Kaaba.


10- People used to visit the inside of the Kaaba. This is not allowed anymore because of the huge number of pilgrims nowadays.

Kaaba's door

11- Performing Tawaf was easier as it was not as crowded as it is today.


12- Markets and stalls near the Haram




14- Horse and carriage were used as a means of transport.


15- Selecting Udhiyyah/Qurbani.

Udhiyyah Qurbani

16- Pilgrims would keep their livestock with them during their Hajj.


17- Cooking in Mina using fire and stove.


18- Pilgrims pray near their camels.

hajjis camels

19- Tents can be seen pitched in Arafat at the foot of mount Arafat.

Mount Arafah

20- The Jamarat used to be small pillars which would be stoned symbolising stoning of the devil.