How this girl honored her father is so touching

A girl took a selfie with her daddy and posted it on Facebook. Minutes later social media was on fire, the picture went viral and was shared among a huge number of people who responded to the girl’s pride in her father despite him being a garbage collector. The selfie shows the girl standing beside her dad in his uniform of garbage collector. She posted it with the comment “All the respect to the one who taught and raised me, I’m proud of you dad”

Most people on social media praised the girl for being proud of her father and prayed for her: “God bless you and your father”. Many drew comparisons to other children who are ashamed of their parents and do not show them any respect or appreciation for the sacrifices they made for them. Indeed many elderly parents are abondoned in nursing home, never visited by their children.

Proud of my dad

One guy on Facebook shared how the picture moved his heart with emotion and made him remember his own father who died a few years back. He said “I wish my dad was a garbage collector and still alive with us. May God have mercy on my father and bless this girl’s father.”

Although we cannot confirm for sure that the man in the picture is indeed the girl’s father, we think the picture symbolizes the very high value Islam puts parents and the way they should be treated by their children especially when they are elderly.

Parents in Quran