My Journey from Christianity to Spirituality and Then to Islam

This is a story we received from a sister on our facebook page @aamslm. She requested to remain anonymous and therefore we are not publishing her name.

Salam alaykum,

February 19th 2014 is when I said my shahada, Alhamdolilah. Growing up, my family was never really religious people. They did however claim to be Christian. I can remember attending church a few times as a child but nothing more.

As I got older in to my teenage years I really became ‘spiritual’ and tried really hard to connect myself with God. I remember reading the Bible over and over and could never understand or make sense out of it. I tried for a few years to get connected to Jesus (pbuh) but was very unsuccessful. My whole life I was always told that Jesus was my God. Every time I tried it just didn’t feel right. I felt uninterested and just disconnected all together so I gave up.

I accepted the fact that Christianity just wasn’t for me but I remained spiritual. I prayed every evening before bed: I thank God for my many blessings and continued to do what felt right in my heart.

Fast forward a couple years and I had landed a job working with 90 percent Muslims. My coworker (now husband MashaAllah) and I would work really long hours together and we would always talk about Islam. We would have debates and he ALWAYS won. I remember one particular time I was trying really hard to defend the Christian religion and no matter how hard I tried he would come back with something better.

After that night is when my interest for Islam became. One night I was reading Quran and was asking a bunch of questions. On this night I felt strongly connected into the Quran, more connected than any other previous times. When my husband and I went to sleep that night and I had a dream. This dream changed my whole life! The next morning I woke up and told my husband I was ready to take my shahada, Alhamdolilah. God showed me my way to Islam through my dream, SubhanAllah. My husband told me he did a special prayer for me that night and asked Allah to guide me to the right path. I thank God for saving my life. Alhamdolilah for everything.

Thank you, Salam!