Czech Beauty Queen Marketa Korinkova Embraces Islam

A news report in British newspaper Al Qods al-Arabi said that a former beauty queen and fashion model from the Czech replublic has converted to Islam. Miss Marketa Korínková who was a christian her entire life says that she found peace and serenity in Islam three years ago while studying at Charles University in Prague.

She currenlty lives in Dubai and has changed her first name to Maryam. She said that the first time she visited Dubai she was so impressed by the lifestyle that she decided to stay.

She further explained that what impressed her was not the hight rise buildings, the luxury cars or the huge shopping centers but how people from all over the world live a peaceful quiet life in Dubai without paying much attention to race, skin color or creed.

She didn’t feel that muslim women are second class citizens, she discovered that the teachings of Islam 1400 years ago granted women rights that the west has just managed to allow in the last century: freedom of expression, political participation, business and financial rights. She acknowledged that some cultures inside Islam do oppress women in the name of religion but said people need to seek knowledge in order not to confuse culture and religion.

Source: Al Qods al-Arabi