Racist Blonde Gets Perfect Smack For Looking Down on Black Guy

Remember the American Muslim phd student who had the unfortunate experience of ‘banking while Brown and Muslim’?. The guy and his family were detained for several hours because the bank teller could not believe that a ‘Mohammed’ - who is also brown - can possibly have a legitimate $151,000 check. So she called the police on him.

Following on the same logic, it seems that ‘flying first class while Black’ is also an issue for some people. This is what Emmit Walker learned a couple fo days ago while waiting in line to board his flight. A blonde lady who was behind him in the priority boarding line insisted that he let her through because she ‘believes he may be in the wrong place’ and could not possibly have paid for his seat. The good thing is that the brother had such a good answer to her racism that he got a round of applause from the crowd at the airport. Heck he even got applause from the crowd on the internet.

Details below:

This is Emmit Walker who was on the receiving end of racism and white privilege:

This blonde lady couldn’t believe that a black guy could possibly have paid for a first class seat

He shared what happened on social media:

His story went viral: