The Struggle to Find a Partner is Real: My Story

Being single and Muslim is hard. The struggle to find a partner is real. I performed ummrah in 2007 with my parents as a single girl. Many of my prayers and my parents prayers were centered around finding the right partner in life.

I met several eligible bachelors but for some reason or another it didn’t work out. The word “picky” was thrown around a lot by aunties and people who didn’t understand a simple concept: Allah’s will and His timing determine everything, not mine or theirs.

I wanted to be married. I wanted to share my hopes and dreams with someone. I thought I was trying my best to be open to guys. But Allah had other plans for me for the 6 single years that followed that ummrah. And wallahi, HIS plans have ALWAYS been better for me than the plans I imagined for myself.

Nine years later, I return for ummrah with my husband who’s first time it is, simply to say Thank you Allah. All praise to God. Hubby was worth the wait and to date, one of the biggest blessings of my life.

All I had to do was have sabr and taqwah. Allah (swt) is all knowing, all seeing. He hears all our prayers. SubhaanAllah, He answers them when it is best for us. Not necessarily when we think it’s best for us.

Keep the faith brothers and sisters!