I Gave up Modeling For Islam

Salam alaikum,

My name is Kelly and I am a new Muslim.

I went to a mosque about five months ago but it just didn’t feel right that day I think. Since then, I have learned a lot more about Islam and I’m so grateful for that. But that day the Sheikh said stay outside until the prayer finishes and I didn’t feel too welcome that day. I just talked to him, and he gave me some books and
information but I didn’t read my Shahaada that day.

A lot of people asked me “did you turn Muslim for someone?” but I didn’t at all. I did it for me. I actually gave up a modeling career for Islam and It’s the best choice I’ve made.

Three months before I became Muslim, I had just signed a three-year contract with a New Zealand modeling agency; it’s quite well-known as well; they told me I could be great in modeling because I’m quite tall and basically that I could go far. I’d go international and I’d be quite a good model.

About three months into that I was introduced to Islam and I stopped modeling. So I think that is big enough sign I did it for me not anyone else.

Salam aleikum