Hillarious Late Night Show Segment By Samantha Bee On American Muslims

American media coverage of the Orlando mass shooting has seen American Muslims collectively blamed for not clearly denouncing bad elements in the Muslim community. Muslim Comedian Aziz Ansari wrote a piece on how Donald Trump is blaming the whole American Muslim community for not informing authorities about terrorists who live amongst them. Samantha Bee has decided to take this topic on on her late night show Full Frontal with Samantha Bee.

Instead of just guessing what American Muslims can do to fight terrorism, Samantha decided to do some real reporting and travelled to Dearborn Michigan which has the highest concentration of Muslims in the USA. She first met with Kacem Ali the guy who runs the biggest mosque in the country and he told her “our community in Dearborn has actually set the standard for a relationship with the police department”. Of course she’s not buying into that and says that his community should be tipping authorities about at least one terrorist a day.

Samantha then meets with a rather disturbed Trump supporter who came all the way from Los Angeles to protest against an Arab festival by holding a pig head. He says he believes that a pig head is for Muslims what the crucifix is for vampires. He then tells Samantha the story that Donald Trump shared with his supporters in January 2016 about a 1900’s army general who dipped bullets in pig blood to shoot Muslims.

Watch the full video: