This Former US Army Soldier Accepted Islam And Decided to Wear Niqab

I reverted on 20 March 2011. I didn’t realize my reversion would be so controversial, but it was.

At that time, I was in the US Army. They assumed I was forced and involuntarily admitted me to the psychiatric ward where I was humiliated. The excuse they used was I was suicidal and being forced.

In reality, I had been studying Islam for five years. The post I had left from had a Muslim officer who led the Muslim community in Okinawa, Japan. He gave me such great dawah when I left, I was ready to say shahada.

When I first reverted, I think I felt regret at first. Wondering if I had felt pressured or not, but I kept on the path. I took classes at the masjid to increase my knowledge, learn how to recite the Qur’an, and meet other Muslim women in the area.

Six years ago, I definitely was not at the point I am now. My idea of hijab was tight clothes and a scarf. I had always admired the niqab. I made the decision in 2015 to wear it and my deen grew. I traded my western clothes for abayat. I now mainly just wear black. But my niqab has not made me plain, because I now stand out to Allah SWT by praying on time, one thing I didn’t really do and I didn’t do properly. I began to learn more surat.

What others think I lost of my identity, I have gained in the view of my Creator SWT.