A Story of Love and Quran

I met him 3 years ago. We come from Bosnia & Herzegovina. He was actually in love with me for 4 years but he was waiting for me to end my studies in Istanbul so he can approach me. But as it goes by Allah’s plan we met before.

It was Ramadhan. At that time he wasn’t really good with reading Qur’an, but I was ready to help him. Even though he was always avoiding that topic. In one of our talks I told him that my favorite surah is Er-Rahman.

We had already planned to get married but in the mean time… his mother left this world. She had cancer. It was a really hard time for him. For me. For us.

Six months passed after that and he decided to come to Istanbul, to see me. He told me that he had a surprise for me. So I was expecting roses, a necklace or something like that. We were sitting and he closed his eyes and started “Bismillahi-r-rahman ni-r-rahim. Er-Rahman…” The guy who wasn’t able to read Qur’an one year ago was now reciting my favorite surah with no mistakes, and he plus memorized it.

I was shocked. He was working in silence for one year… I thought that’s it, because what more could I wish for?! But then he took a small box and opened it. It was his mother’s engagment ring. She left it to him, for me. I couldn’t help myself but cried.

He didn’t want to propose to me until he learned really good Qur’an. So he said “I want our lives to start with Qur’an, to be filled every minute with Qur’an and to end with it too. Because you don’t deserve anything less. We don’t deserve. Let this ring be a reminder that Allah is the one who gave us this love and we are the ones who should be thanking Him for it every second of our lives. So are you ready for a life with a man who loves you in His name?” I said yes. We’ve been married for 7 months now. Alhamdulillah!

By Esada Okić @tersbosanka