Dr Noor Shares Inspiring Message About Building Confidence Despite Failures And Struggles

By Dr. Noor

Getting to where I am today- where I am comfortable in the operating room, confident in my medical & surgical skills and ready to handle weekly eye surgeries, did not come easy or should I say without my share of stumbles—sometimes even very embarrassing ones.

While in college, trying to find my path and determine my future, I shadowed a Lasik surgeon. I have always been drawn to medicine and was eager to embark upon a fulfilling and hopefully successful career. Well guess what happened when I witnessed my very first Lasik eye surgery?… I passed out. The surgery continued on and there I was heaped onto the floor in the middle of it all.

That wasn’t my only obstacle to a future in Ophthalmology. Even in Med school, there were multiple occasions during which I had to be escorted out of the room for fear that I might pass out as I began to vasovagal. My confidence was certainly marred. Each and every time something like that happened, I questioned whether I really had the “right” to be here. Had I made a terrible mistake?

My heart and my mind told me that I was destined to become a surgeon, but the rest of me was definitely not cooperating. Here’s what happened… I learned. I grew as a student, a professional, and as a person. I started to trust myself more and give the failures less power over me. I grew confident.

Now I am in the operating room weekly. And it’s my comfort zone and my happiest day of the week. I know that I belong there and that belief in myself is, I have found, one of the most important parts of being a successful surgeon.