Don’t Let Racists, Fanatics, and Ignorant Bigots Scare you Away from Hijab

To all the girls wearing hijab and to those that are considering it:

Do not, and I repeat, do NOT let the events of the past few years scare you away from hijab. Don’t let racists, fanatics, and ignorant bigots pull you away from the beauty of Islam. Don’t let them make you fear walking on campus, going to the grocery store, and basically enjoying your rights as an American.

Over the past few months, as more and more unfortunate events continue to occur that defame Islam, I have noticed an alarming trend among Muslim girls. Every day I hear or see a girl saying she’s considering taking the hijab off because she fears being attacked or made fun of. They say they don’t want to stick out and be automatically labeled and hated by those around them.

But you know what? The Prophet (pbuh) went through MUCH worse. He and the sahabah were attacked, beaten, and had trash thrown at them. Did that make them turn away from Allah? No. It did the exact opposite and made them turn to their beautiful religion instead. Use them as role models and inspirations to push through any hate or discrimination you may face.

If you ever feel unsafe or see someone following you though, don’t hesitate and CALL THE POLICE. If you’re walking at night to your car, ask for a police escort. Be wary and observant but do NOT let them pull you away from your religion. If we let them take away one of the things that defines us as Muslims then they’ve already beaten us. They want nothing more than to pull us away from Islam and away from our beliefs. I’m not saying it’s easy but it’s the right thing to do.