Please Pray for My Dad

Hi, my name is Salam and I would like to share something that happened to us last year.

On a Thursday as my dad was getting ready to close our convenience store, three men walked in and tried to rob him. They left with nothing, but managed to shoot my dad.

He was sent to the hospital by helicopter and suffered a gun shot wound to the arm and through his stomach. Alhamdulilah, since then he’s been recovering, but the doctors made the decision to keep the bullet in his body, since it would cause more damage trying to take it out, because it was close to his spine.

Last night we found out that all of the symptoms he was having “due to his pain medication” were actually an infection from the bullet. He was put back in the ICU because of his difficulty breathing and had his intestine removed this morning, but the infection is still in his system.

Inshallah the infection is not fatal and inshallah he can get back to recovering. SubhanAllah, everything happens for a reason but I just want everyone who takes time to read this, to please make dua for my dad and that Allah grants him shifaa. Thank you.

Muslimah living in America