Cubans are Converting to Islam

A photo essay about Cuban Muslims by Spanish photographer Joan Alvado has won the FNAC’s New Photography Talent 2016 and received a Honorable Mention in the 2016 FotoVisura Photography Grant for an Outstanding project. Beyond its artistic value the work of Alvado sheds light on a community so far unknown to the outside world. The communist country has always been majority Catholic but these last years have seen a steady growth in the number of Cubans converting to Islam.

Alvado told news channel CNN:

“Many of them were Christians before or some other religion, or a few of them were atheists as well. Some of them convert because they believe Islam is more true and pure than other religions. There are also those who turn to Islam for more personal and specific reasons. The communities are being organized in very, very small groups, and someone in each group will offer their home on Fridays (to pray). Everyone is doing a little bit of their own interpretation on how to read (Islamic) rules and be with them, more or less, and that’s interesting. ”

Photo: John Alvado

Photo: John Alvado Photo: John Alvado Photo: John Alvado Photo: John Alvado