My Advice to the Younger Crowd: Cherish Moments Because Time Flies

Every morning I take a walk in Central Park here in New York City. I put my hat on, my jacket on and my walking shoes. My knees are getting weaker, my joints are getting worse and my health is falling apart. However, walking reminds me of my wife.

My wife and I met in Syria and we fell in love. She was from the same area as me and we were married at a young age. We used to walk and talk for hours. She died in Syria and then I moved to NYC to work with my brother who owns three gas stations.

When I pass couples at the park I see happiness, I see fights and I see passion. The concept of time is quite interesting. It seems like just yesterday I was walking the beautiful lands of Syria with my wife’s hand in mine.

If I could give some advice to the younger crowd, cherish moments because time flies.