Meet The Queen Of Bosnian Karate Amina Adilovic

At 21 years old, Karate champion Amina Adilovic is the face of the sport in her country of Bosnia. She was selected best student athlete of the year 2015 in her country after she won almost all Karate champoinships in Bosnia for eight years in a row.She started Karate at the age of 9, her first coach being her older brother. Karate has now become a part of her life.

“I wanted to succeed and I worked so hard. My ambition and hard work allowed me to win the championship of Bosnia-Herzegovina at 13 years old. I have been winning those championships for the last eight years”, she said.

Outside of her home country, her first success was at the mediterranean games of 2011 where she won third place, then she won third place again at Karate championship of European universites in 2015.Amina is currently training for the European championship that will be held in France during the month of May 2016.

The first time Amina fought while wearing her Hijab was in 2012 after the World Karate Federation decided in 2012 to allow female athletes wearing their Hijab to compete.

“I have always wanted to wear the Hijab, and I was very happy to learn about the federation’s decision”, she said. She says she has never had a bad experience during competitions because of her Hijab. “Karate is not exclusively for boys”, she adds.

Source: HuffPost Arabi.