Finding Home: A Poetry Book That Will Touch Your Heart

This is a message from Duaah Hammad, an 18 years old American Muslim girl of Pakistani heritage who reached out to us to share her story:

This summer I published a book called “Finding Home” a collection of poetry on my perspective on what it felt like growing up as the daughter of a first generation Pakistani immigrant.

I was three when I was brought to America, clutching my mother’s hand and unaware that years later my biggest struggle would be wondering where I belonged.

Growing up struggling to fit into an American lifestyle while still juggling cultural roots is something that I feel thousands of Muslim kids and teenagers face in America. We juggle dealing with people question our faith and often get bullied or terrorized for it.

For a long time I felt that I was stuck in between two different worlds, the pressure to fit in became suffocating. I was told I was too conservative for the West and too liberal for the East, so where did that leave me? Over time I realized both the East and the West were huge parts of my life, I couldn’t erase one part to embrace the other.

And now I want to help other kids who felt the same way I did. Especially in a time period where it seems like everyone is against our faith, it’s important to remember we still have each other.

Finding Home is a collection of poetry that talks about breaking traditional barriers, finding a balance between two worlds, dealing with racism and prejudice, and the importance of loving yourself.

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